Saturday, December 31, 2011

Sthquirrel!!! (squirrel)

Every time the doxies see a squirrel we say, "Sthquirrel!!!", like the dogs in the movie, Up. Those scenes cracked me up. I could watch the movie over and over. Here, check it out...

So, you know what I was thinking in the following Sheldon video...

The Penny-Pig her natural habitat. 

She has a couple of pig-type nicknames we call her because of the pig sounds she makes and because she'll eat until she explodes. Plus, check out those ears. We love our Penny-Piglet. 

She stays on the couch for most of the day; Only taking momentary breaks for food and potty time. The blanket in the photos is the one that Santa Paws brought her and Sheldon for Christmas.

Piglet's Pantry Treats

Sometimes Ma gives us special treats. These are some that her and Dad brought us from Piglet's Pantry Dog Bakery. (link on side bar)

I, Sheldon, like to sniff it, look at it sideways, and then crunch right into it. Penny, on the other hand, starts licking the icing off of them right away. It takes her a super long time to get it all off, which tempts me to help her finish it off. She likes to savor the flavor, as Ma would say. The treats even come in a bag with a paw print on them so no humans will think they're for them.

If your human beans are ever in Mount Dora, FL tell them to go to Piglet's Pantry to pick you up some yummy treats. You'll thank me. - Posted using BlogPress from my iPhone

Monday, December 26, 2011

Dec. 26, 2011

A shot of Miss Penpen in her new, pink Comfort Harness from Santa Paws.

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Dec. 24, 2011

Can you tell Sheldon wasn't happy? He was in a chair beside the tree, which was, apparently, scary to him. Joel had to stand just out of frame in case he jumped. I didn't even attempt it with Penny.

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