Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vet Time for Sheldoggy

Today was Sheldon's annual vet visit. (Well, technically it was yesterday since it's after midnight now.) It started with a ride in the car. Knowing Sheldon like I do, I knew the anxiety would start as soon as he entered my vehicle. He has always hated car rides, as I've mentioned before. He shakes, he whimpers, and then come the farts. Yes, I said farts. Nerves = Farts for my sweet little guy. He bombed me in the car, he bombed the exam room, he bombed the front lobby, he let us know how he felt about the situation during the whole thing. I can't blame him. He doesn't understand why Mom and Dad would take him to a strange place to have them poke and prod him when he could be napping on the bed at home. (like he's doing now)

Our appointment was at 4:30.  Dr. Curtis, the nurse, and the rest of the staff were so sweet to my nervous fellow. The staff was understanding about the farts. I mentioned he was gassy and the nurse said, jokingly, "Oh, I was starting to think that was me." I appreciate a good sense of humor. She took him back to weigh him, test him, draw blood, etc... I'm glad Joel was there because I was pretty nervous about him being out of my sight. I know he's in good hands, but still...I knew he was upset about being there, so handing him off to a stranger was hard. I know they took good care of him, but my Mom nerves were worse during this point of the visit. They brought him back and we waited with him in the room while the tests were being done. This is when we let him explore the exam room. 

(I had to use YouTube for the last one because Blogger was acting weird.)

Dr. Curtis won him over at the end of the exam by feeding him treats. I really like that whole office because they're so sweet to him. The building is nice, as well. They have the cutest artwork on the walls.

Artist: Gena Semenov

On to the important stuff, Sheldon got an A on his exam. He's at a "perfect" weight, so says the Doc. She said to look out for his teeth as Dachshunds are known for having periodontal disease. I may go ahead and try to start brushing his teeth. Probably not every day, but once a week to start out and get him used to it. We picked up a different flea/tick/heartworm preventative this time. I wish I could tell ya what it is, but I forget and Sheldon's sleeping in my lap at the moment. Anyway, I gave him his pill with dinner and we went for a walk. He seemed to feel fine, but did vomit a tiny bit of kibble this evening around 9. I searched through it (gross) to make sure medication didn't come up. Nope...just 3 pieces of kibble. I'm really not surprised. For some reason he seemed REALLY hungry tonight. He actually snagged some of Penny's food before I could get to him to put her food up. She was outside with Dad. Anyway, Sheldon isn't normally that hungry to want more food. He usually just takes a bit of kibble and walks away. Next time he goes in the kitchen he grabs another piece and walks away. This continues until his food is gone. He doesn't get overly excited about meal time. (Treat time is different, though) Penny is the one we have to watch with eating too much.

(Sheldon's meds, records, and treats)

I'm happy to have one of our vet visits behind us. The doctor and staff are nice, but it's still not something Sheldon looks forward to, so neither do Mom and Dad.

And here are just some random photos from the day.
...peeping out one of the doors at other dogs and humans.

...looking to Dad for encouragement.

...and boredom of Mom's cell camera is setting in for Dad. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Teach Me How To Dougie

No, no... It's like this, Ma!

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Me and My Shadow

La la la la...I love being outside...

Hey, who's that?

Stop following me!!!!!

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Monday, January 2, 2012

Car Rides

Sheldon has always hated car rides. I have no clue why. Penny enjoys them. I have taken them both on long trips and thought Sheldon might be better after them, but no. A 7 hour drive was quite hard on my little guy even though he was in a covered crate. Here's a video from a few days ago. You can see him shaking even though the vehicle was stopped.

YouTube Video

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