Friday, June 22, 2012

Photo Slideshow

I put together a little slideshow of random photos for my art blog and decided to share it here, as well, since most of the photos are of Sheldon. Not all of them are the greatest of photos, but there's something about every one of them that I liked enough to include. I hope you enjoy it!
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Thursday, June 14, 2012

We Won The Sunshine Award!

Sheldon: Yay! We got an award!

Penny: From who?

Penny: Really?! How nice of them!

Sheldon: Yeah, they're nice friends.

Penny: So did we win anything?

Sheldon: Yes, it's called bragging rights, Penny. Sheesh! 
Must everything be about treats with you?

Penny: Yes, everything must be about treats. Sorry.

Sheldon: Anyway! So, now we get to be interviewed!

Penny: Treats after?!

Sheldon: No, Penny. Ma already gave us treats for today! Focus!

Penny: ......

Sheldon: Again, anyway....are you ready for the questions we're supposed to answer?

Penny: Sure! I'll pretend I'm a rock star being interviewed.

Sheldon: Ok, whatever you have to tell yourself. Here we go!

1. Favorite number
Penny: One million! That's the number of treats I'd like!
Sheldon: Number one. Because Ma says whenever we go outside I have to do number one. I don't know what it means, but it must be good if it gets me outside.
Penny: Typical guy answer, Sheldon!

2. Favorite non-alcholic beverage?
Penny: Ma lets us have broth from the meat she boils for us sometimes. I love it when she does that!
Sheldon: Yeah, I have to agree with Penny on this one.

3. Facebook or Twitter?
Penny: Oh, without a doubt, Dogbook! No,'s a thing. It's Facebook for dogs. Sheldon and I both have a profile. 
Sheldon: Well, if Penny's going to cheat and not pick EITHER of the choices, then I'll do the same and say Instagram. We get lots of likes on Instagram and have lots of doxie friends. Ma's name on IG is Rischa. (she's not very original, is she?)

4. Your Passion?
Penny: Treats and naps!
Sheldon: Snuggles, walks, and tearing up toys!

5. Favorite Pattern?
Penny: My blanket has polk-a-dots, so those are good.
Sheldon: My blanket has circles, so I like circle patterns.

6. Favorite Day of the Week?
Penny: Saturday! Dad's always home on Saturday.
Sheldon: Yeah, that's my answer, as well. Ma's my favorite, but Dad's good at playing.

7. Favorite Flower?
Penny: I like all flowers that Sheldon hasn't hiked his leg on. Flowers are pretty. Especially the one on the award image!
Sheldon: I like the short ones. Get it? 

Sheldon: Ok, now that we've answered the questions, we're supposed to tag 10 other furriends and let them know they won this award. Honestly, we only have a couple of furry friends that visit on a regular or semi-regular basis and the sweet doxies that tagged us are among the 2 or 3 that do. So we won't have 10, but we do have some. Here they are... 


Penny and Sheldon: Thank you so much, Lily Belle and Muffin! We really appreciate you giving us this award! You're the best!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Favorite Activities

I think these two photos show exactly what each weena loves doing the most. Or in Penny's case, what she loves not doing. Which would be ANYthing! LOL My sweet, but lazy, girl.

And my oh-so-active baby boy, Sheldon.

We take Sheldon on walks every day. Sometimes we go several times a day. He loves to be active! Penny couldn't be more opposite if she tried! We take her on walks and end up dragging or carrying her. Haha! Silly girl! It would be good for her to walk, too, but she'll have none of it. We can sometimes get her around the block once, so it isn't unheard of to see her walking. It just isn't usual. She much prefers to be treated like the princess that she is and have things brought to her. Who needs to walk when you have humans to do things for you? Not a bad life, if ya ask me!

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Friday, June 1, 2012


Here are a couple of recent Instagram shots of Sheldon.

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