Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Doxies Go To Panama City Beach

Shout out to Aunty Clarissa and Cuz Bruno for sharing the hat Shel's wearing!

We took a quick trip to Panama City Beach this past week. The doxies went with us, of course! Above is a shot of them on the Dog Beach. We stayed all of about 2 minutes because it was the heat of the day and we had to walk quite a ways. I was worried they'd get overheated. So we took photos and promptly got them back into the air conditioned vehicle with cold, bottled water to drink. We did try to take them during the cooler, evening hours, but the parking situation at this beach is laughable. So we had to try a different time. Oh well. We'll be going to Pass A Grille beach in October, so we'll hopefully get better shots there. Although, I hear the dog friendly part of their beaches is very small. 

I took some videos of them all along the trip. From the time they first got into the vehicle, to the ride on the way home. The last shot in this video is of Sheldon showing how happy he was to be home. 

Thanks for stopping by! Penny and Sheldon send you nose pokes!

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